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A bit about Hoof & Barrel

Hoof & Barrel is a casual dining restaurant with “foodie” flavored American cuisine.

The concept is a brain child of a local York county guy.  The Company is owned and operated by John Hines,

one of York counties long-time business men. 


& then some about JOHN​

John Hines spent many of his years behind the blades of many different saws creating beautiful and ornate furniture.  Previous owner of acclaimed cabinet shop Knot Yet Cabinet Works, John grew the business to be successful enough to be bought out in 2014.  John later founded Summa Solutions, a local laminate & finish company.

After opening a business in York, John realized very quickly that he would like to bring more food options to York. It has been a passion and desire of John’s to provide York with an establishment that local business owners feel comfortable bringing clients, families come to celebrate a special event, or where friends can fellowship and catch up.


He wanted to bring to York, SC a spot to grab a bite, a pint, a laugh, and have a good old time.

On the menu he is featuring American classics including Angus burgers, steaks, local veggies , great apps that compliment beer, and perfectly seasoned french fries.

On tap are some of the finest small-batch brews made in, and surrounding, the Queen City plus regional bottles hard to find anywhere else. Hand crafted cocktails are also on the menu for those who appreciate a carefully designed libation.  

At Hoof & Barrel we’re not trying to over complicate the classics, we're just trying to make them a little better.  We’re that spot you go to soak up positive southern vibes, to watch the big game, or to chill on the patio enjoying the weather. 



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